The Classroom Blog 9/30/16

Well hello! Welcome to Ms. Dacyczyn’s Classroom blog that will keep you updated on everything that you need to know about what we are learning in class. Every other week, I am planning on updating readers/parents/guardians on what is happening, what activities we are going to be/are currently doing! Let’s begin Shall we?

Western Civ:

After learning about the Ancient World of Mesopotamia, we began to write about the cruelty of Hammurabi’s Code. And eye for an eye, but was it just? Ask the students what they thought! Now, we have just delved into the Ancient World of Greece, and are about to begin our lessons on early civilizations and the very interesting world of Mythology. We will be asking the question, “What is the importance of Myths? Is there one?” Then we will begin the activity of creating WANTED posters for some the Greek/Roman Gods and Goddesses. We will learn about how dangerous these deities are to the mortal world and charge them for their criminal crimes. How exciting! Photos will be posted in the next blog.

Global Studies:

In this very extensive class, we are have just finished discussing the importance  of interconnections in the world and the differences between a developed country and developing counties. We are almost done with our unit on the religion of Islam, and where its origins began, what the Five Pillars are, and how they impact the life of a Muslim. After the students finish a video of the Hajj, which is the pilgrimage to Mecca required in the five pillars, students will be writing a paper about what they have learned. From there, we begin to jump into the more modern issues that are in the world by beginning to talk about the Arab/Israeli Crisis. Let the Global Exploration begin!

Comparative Religions

Shalom! In case you don’t know, its a kind way of saying hello in Yiddish, which connects to our Judaism unit we have just finished up. During this unit, students learned about the background, foundation, life style, holidays and symbols of the Jewish religion. Not only that, but we had a great time learning how to write our name in Hebrew. We also had to listen to a song, TO WHICH we all sang aloud. I believe it is still stuck in my head. After writing a paper about what they had learned in this unit, students have just finished a test about this wonderful religion. Now we have journeyed into the second monotheistic religion, Christianity. We have just begun the early life of Jesus and will begin to continue with his life, and then moving on to symbols and important holidays. So much to learn and so little time!


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