Classroom Update 10/31/16

Happy Halloween to everyone! In the lead up to this Spooky Holiday, we have all been very busy in our classes. From new religions, understanding international crisis, and creating our own city states, each one of our classes has been delving head deep into knew knowledge about their subject. Let’s see what we have learned.

Western Civ:

Ancient Greece has a few more city-states! Yes, the students have been working in groups to think creatively and design their own city. Each group had to incorporate basic needs for a civilization such as a name, type of government and public works projects. However, they also added fun ideas such as which Gods and Goddesses, what special holiday’s and festivals they will celebrate and what the jobs of women and men are. We have had VERY interesting concepts. From a dictator Pegasus, a city where only women can be rulers, and another where strength and looks are key a few of the examples. It has been quite an enjoyable experience to see how creative these students have been. Next, we will be looking at the Peloponnesian War (The War that the movie 300 was based on) and finishing up with Greece with the study of Alexander the Great. It will be a jam packed experience of information and fun!

Global Studies

We are just beginning to finish up our studies on the Arab/Israeli Conflict. The students presented their own power points about pivotal moments during the crisis, such as the Six Day War, Yom Kippur War and others that have contributed to the ongoing conflict. The students did a wonderful job and it was clear that they understood how each of the presentations connected to one another. We also discussed the Camp David Accords, and questioned if there was a conflict that might be resolved. After our upcoming unit test this week, we will be moving on to the Arab Spring and looking at why/how the major uprising in the Arab nations began. Although we are looking at a lot of information, it is clear that the students are taking it all in, and it is adding so much to their growth as Global/World Citizens.

Comparative Religions

On to the next religion. We have just finished up on our unit of Christianity, understanding the key concepts of the religion and how Jesus was a different prophet than those before him. We also took a glance at the Seven Deadly Sins, learning that in fact, they are not in the bible, but created later in life. After taking our unit test, we are now going to begin on the last and youngest of the Monotheistic religions, Islam. We will begin with understanding the basis of Islam, with Muhammed and how the religion began. Then we will be looking at the major foundations of the religion known as the Five Pillars. Once we understand these, and incorporate it to the religion, we will be taking a quick quiz before the quarter ends. How time flies!


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