Classroom Update 2/6/17

The new semester is upon us and so are some new units. Time for new material, fun educational based games, and new information to broaden our minds. From the Dark Ages, Colonization of Africa to how the economic structure of our nation is based, we have already begun a fun filled and new educational semester.

Western Civ

So long Roman Empire, and hello Dark Ages. We have now watched the Roman Empire fall before us, and the class must now answer the question. What will happen now the the structure of the Roman Empire is gone?  We have learned so far, two very important events have happened, along with two very important leaders. While the Holy Roman Empire is struggling to fight back the barbarians, (and to just survive in general) the Byzantine Empire is thriving. Under the rule of Justinian, the people of his empire are living a very prosperous life, though that did not come easily for the new King. However, the Holy Roman Empire made a comeback with a leader of the Franks, Charlemagne.  Not only was Charlemagne a great leader, but he was chosen to represent the Roman Catholic Church in all of Europe. Now the students are looking into that aspect of religion, and the importance of the people in the Holy Roman Empire. The question is…Does religion run these people lives? We will find out!

Global Studies

We have moved onto the next area, the second largest continent in the world, Africa. Students began this unit by understanding the importance of Imperialism, and how important it was for not only a person to have great pride in their country, but to gain as much land as possible. We acted this out with our “Scramble for Africa” simulator, where students were broken up into groups that represented each European country at the Berlin Conference. Each group was given a list of resources they needed, along with a list of Africa areas that had those resources. The groups, each lead by a crown or figure head, had to decide what country they wanted. It was quite a show. Not only could the countries not agree on what they wanted, the students soon realized there was one group of people missing. The Africans of the countries they wanted to take. It was a very eye opening activity and I do believe the students learned a lot from it.


We started this new class off with asking the students what EXACTLY they thought economics was. Did it have to do with just money? Or was it beyond that concept? From there we learned about what essential questions one much ask themselves, such as who are business trying to target when it comes to selling items. We began to look at what types of production factor into the items we make, and how sometimes that leads to scarcity, which may benefit either the consumer or business. Finally, we looked at how economic patterns are seen in the real world. Each student was to choose a stock company, and for the rest of the semester, we will be monitoring the peaks and lows that each company has, comparing them month to month. Though we have just gotten started, it seems that the students have already learned so much!


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