Classroom Update 3/6/17

As we know, break is over and we are headed full steam ahead into new units and new activities. Learning about Africa, creating magazines, the Black Plague, Crusades and GDP only scratch the surface of what we are beginning to dive into!

Western Civ:

This class has now begun to learn about the middle…of the Middle Ages! We have learned about the importance of the Feudal System, and how it brought a once disorganized government into a functioning process. We then compared and contrasted the difference between the high nobles and their lives versus the peasants. From the nobles and their Tudor houses to the peasants who had a home they had to share with their animals. And finally this week we have finished the wonderful (Perhaps not too wonderful) topic of the Black Death. The students learned exactly how horrible the disease was, and understood how 1/3 of Europe died within a short period of time. Now we are moving onto the Crusades and our upcoming field trip to Medieval Times to see some knights in action.


Global Studies:

In our Global Studies class we are beginning to learn about Africa and some of it’s countries many hardships. We began by learning about the poverty in Kenya, then moved right along to the Rwandan genocide. The students understood how Western influence and manipulation caused two groups of people who had much in common to hate one another. And finally we watched the video “Invisible Children”, highlighting the terror Ugandan children live in under the fear that Josef Kony may take them. As we learn more and more about Africa, students have also begun to work on their Africa Magazines, one of the biggest projects for this class. Students will have to become an expert on the country of their choice and construct a magazine explaining history, culture and other interesting aspect of that country. It will be very interesting to see what they have to present!



As we are close to finishing the basics, students have learned who exactly posed different ideas of how we look at economics today. From the father of economics, Adam Smith to the radical Karl Marx, the students have learned how different aspects of economics have shaped our world. We have also begun to look at GDP and how production of goods and services is vital to a strong economy. As we move on we are looking at Comparative Advantages, (what strengths and weaknesses other countries have) as well as GNP vs. GDP. Will the students think that one is better than the other? Only time will tell!


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