Classroom Updates 5/17/17

As the year is quickly coming to a close, the classes are trying to keep up with all the material we still have to learn. The students are chugging through and working hard to make sure that the work is done, properly and on time. So lets summarize what we have learned from the last update. (And I’m sorry for the late response. We have been EXTREMELY busy.)

Western Civ

This class has been learning so much in the last few weeks about the Renaissance. We learned about the importance of the arts and how after the Middle Ages, artist and thinkers began to look at a “rebirth” in the world. There were comparisons between the Middle Ages art and the newest form of realistic art. From there we learned about how the thinking created a new train of thought that caused the Reformation of the Catholic Church starting with Martin Luther nailing 95 thesis revealing the problems of the church. From there, a domino effect that demanded changes from the Pope and new religions were created. Finally, we have just started looking at how the European countries began to travel from the “Old World” to the “New World” and the new resources and trade between the two groups. The students now understand how if it had not been for this “Columbian Exchange” a lot of the foods and animals that are common to us would no longer exists.


Global Studies

As we finish India, we will soon be moving onto China. We have touched upon the hard topic of women’s rights in India and colored elephants (who are also mistreated) and wrote a poem comparing the two. Then students learned about how the British invasion was not as terrible has it had been with other countries we have learned in the past. However when it came to separating itself and giving India independence, that was more difficult. We studied the important of Ghandi and how did non violence movement helped India reach it’s independence that it finally deserved. The students then began to study how the beginning of India’s new independent foundations caused problems from the beginning, especially when it came to religion. Britain broke a piece of India and created the independent state of Pakistan. However with both Muslim and Hindu’s bordering one another, the two countries began conflicts right from the start. We are now finishing the unit with a debate on the two countries and their possession of nuclear weapons. After that we will be having a quiz on India and move on to China as the year draws to an end.



Moving on from GDP and understanding the importance of Economic Interdependence, our class has turned to the question of unemployment and how it affects our economy. From the four major types of Economic unemployment, and the thought process that a person must go through when unemployment occurs. We have also discussed the different types of attitudes when it comes to unemployment and how that can effect a person’s will to try and find another job. The students have also been given the CCA, where they are going to look at behavioral economics and how certain incentives help push people beyond the scope of just adequacy. Students are creating their own financial incentive that they would present to the school committee about paying students to get higher grades. Students have to explain why they are coming up with such an idea, how they will implement this, and most importantly who will this incentive benefit and who could it also harm. The students ideas have been creative and insightful and it will be very interesting to see what their final product will be when it is all over.


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